How to potty train a dog.

Training a dog seems like a tough task especially for someone who is new and does nt understand the dog behavior. Dog potty training is the most important training for anyone looking to own a dog. After all you would nt like to have his way and get your home dirty. Ideally you should have a fixed time when you take him out to relieve him. Housebreaking a dog is like any other training where you let your dog know what is required of him and what is not allowed.

Dog potty training is easy when you know the techniques but you need a lot of patience and consistency as well. There will be times when he will make a mistake, instead of punishing him for that you have to let him know that it is not allowed. There are ways to do this which the professional trainers do. They can understand the behavior of dogs. Some times people think that you can not teach old dogs new tricks, which is perhaps the biggest reason why people don’t prefer older dogs.

Dogs are habitual animals once they form a habit out of anything you have to break that habit to get him to learn something new. Dog potty training works on this theory that you try to make a habit out of his routine, once he forms a habit he will do it automatically. There are many ways to do this, crate training is very popular but it is effective when you have puppies to train. Some other factors like breed, age, temperament also come into play. Some of the breeds have the tendency to do there own mind then you have to take up the role of the leader of the pack, dogs are pack animals and you have to understand that. Know the techniques and use that knowledge along with consistency and patience for effective dog potty training.